Are You a Procrastinator?

Procrastination is a major part of our lives.  There is just too much to do that there is always something has to be put off until later.  How does this affect us?  It plays a major role in our lives, our work and the health of our future.

We have to constantly make a decision about what to do and “when” to do it.  Choosing to put something off can drastically affect your mental health, your emotional health and ultimately your physical health.  Without a plan of action to prioritize your list of things “to do” or (what I call) “Intentions”, you can get yourself into a difficult position that can be more costly (in many ways), cause additional frustation, anxiety, and overwhelm.

One of the best ways to avoid procrastination is to tackle your biggest project or struggle at your earliest convenience, i.e. early in the morning.  Not making that phone call or opening the mail or answering that email is NOT going to make it go away.  The issue will still be there at noontime and at the end of the day if you don’t handle it now.  And how will procrastinating about the issue help you…it won’t!

My latest battle with procrastination was doing my very first teleclass.  I knew that this needed to be a part of my business but I really had no idea how to get it set up.  I talked to some other Entrepreneurs who hold teleclasses all the time and it seemed easy enough…But.  It meant that I was going to have to hire someone to handle the auto-responder (money…) and then do a lot of follow-ups, emails, plan out everything, get a conference call system set-up and all while handling my clients, house, and the rest of my life.  When was I going to fit this all in?   Could I handle it all?  I scheduled my first teleclass in June and then procrastinated making any important decisions until it was too late to promote and had to cancel the call.  The worst part of procrastinating was admitting to my partner that I hadn’t done my part and the class would have to be postponed.  It was a huge blow to my ego!   Again, I knew that this needed to be a part of my business so I HAD to step up to the plate.  So I had to make the decision.  I made the phone call and hired the VA, set up my landing page, etc., and have been amazed at how easy it has all been.  Doing one of these a month will be a SNAP!  Why did I procrastinate?  Fear…self-confidence…intimidation…that little voice saying “you really think that you can pull this off”.  And OMG…once I made the decision, I am absolutely amazed…it has been a breeze.  I’m extremely excited about my first call, on Monday, July 19th.  The best part was having my partner hold me accountable to it…she put it on her calendar (IN PEN!)  No backing out now.

How often do we keep ourselves from achieving our goals simply because of fear and procrastination?  I had once been told…those who act, will be the winners.  Action is required in life and business in order to achieve your goals.  Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the feeling of success.  I have faith in you that you can do it too!

I hope that you make the decision today to change your procrastination habit.  Take action and it will change your life.  You deserve it!

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct