Is Your Energy Stopping You?

So much of how we react and behave is based on our energy.  I’m not talking about the very active two year old who seems to be like the energizer bunny and just never slows down.  I’m really relating to our positive and/or negative attitudes toward our life, business and family.

Do you awake every morning feeling stressed out?  Immediately thinking – another day, another dollar and find yourself physically forcing yourself out of the door to go to “work”?  Do you think that several cups of coffee will change it all?  (WRONG!)  Do you look at the house or your office and just want to turn around and leave again?  Is it the clutter and lack of organization that is driving you crazy because you know that you will, yet again, spend too much time looking for something that you need?  The problem with getting it all together is that it will take more time than you have in a day and you can’t spare the time to get things organized because you can’t “afford” to spend the time getting it done.  Time, time…there just isn’t enough of it.

All of this is negative energy that will create more negative energy.  Have you ever noticed that when you are really happy, good things come to you?  And the same thing happens when things go “wrong”.  You are late for an appointment, which causes you to run late for lunch and then you are stressed and you can feel the tension in your neck and shoulders or you immediately can feel a headache coming on.  Your entire day will continue this way unless you make the conscious choice to change your energy.  I use an Essential Oil from Young Living called “Beautiful”.  It has the capabilities to reduce stress right from my body and allows my energy to switch into a positive mode and can turn my day completely around.  I have used this Essential Oil and positive thought patterns to keep myself on target for what is important…my family, life and business (in that order).  It is amazing!  I also advise my clients to do the following:

Don’t look at the big picture!  Break things down into chunks of time.  I am confident that you can find an extra 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon to work on your organization.  Make it very simple.  Some of the things that you can do for an office is:

1.  Spend time on your filing

2.  Clear off your desk

3.  Take a pile of papers and sort through them.

4.  Clear out your emails

5.  Go through your mail.

If your energy is being sucked dry at home, here are some steps that will help you become organized and allow you to change your energy:

1.  Work on one room only!  Start in one area and work around the room until it is done.  Put any laundry in the laundry pile, paperwork in its place…help everything find a home.

2.  Choose a drawer and go through it getting rid of things that don’t belong.

3.  Grab that pile of school work that the kids have brought home and keep just a few.  (They will be bringing home papers for a very long time – no reason to keep them all)

4.  Go through the mail and get rid of everything that is junk!  This will eliminate about 2/3 of your stack.

5.  Go through that one of the children’s dressers and pull out everything that you know doesn’t fit.  Put it all into a bag to donate to Goodwill.

Change your Energy and you Can change your life.

Linda Clevenger