Creating the Right Mindset

We all know that creating the right mindset will change everything in life! However, the right mindset

sn’t always an easy thing to create or maintain on a consistent basis.

I have been working with some families who have struggled to create the mindset that will help them un-clutter their home. The struggle of medical issues, not feeling well, a lack of help and support (are just a few reasons that clutter happens). And, after all of the above come into play, there is the lack of knowing where (and how) to start to get organized.

This month’s focus is on Hoarding. Don’t be fooled by our Facebook cover. Hoarding is not just what you see on television. I think that those shows are the extreme hoarding situations.

I have a family now that inherited another family members hoarding items when she passed away. The family member that received the items has never been a hoarder in her entire life – but figuring out what to do with her loved one’s items is a struggle (a struggle that is getting easier and easier the more we work together).

Once the clutter starts to disappear the motivation and mindset shift can happen to keep continuing to move forward. I recognize that it isn’t easy…but it is possible and I encourage you not to give up if you are in this situation.

The right mindset only happens when you are ready, willing and able to realize that you aren’t tossing away your life by donating or tossing away things.  No one can take away your memories -but your memories do not have to be kept in the form of “things” that take up space in your home and cause depression instead of happy thoughts.

Once you have made up your mind that you are ready for a change, take a minute to give us a call. Let’s talk through why and how we may be able to work together to create a positive change for your life and the life of your entire family.

Linda Clevenger,  540-220-5912