Operation Business Force – Press Release

“Operation Business Force” Creates New Business Ownership Options

for Military Veterans

According to Derek Turner of Stars and Stripes, speaking of Veterans in transition to civilian life, “Nearly two-thirds of new Veterans say they faced a difficult transition to civilian life… eighty percent said they were looking for “the right job,” not just any job, but nearly half said they were unprepared for the move to the civilian workforce, according to the survey conducted by Prudential Financial and IAVA.”

To provide a solution, three innovative companies announce today the creation of Operation Business Force, a joint collaboration formed to provide our Veterans with a powerful set of solutions to meet the challenge of building a business not just finding a job.


 LifeInCase®, Organization Direct and MobilLogic® provide the tools a Veteran needs to begin their own business.


Operation Business Force is a groundbreaking partnership that offers a full suite of tools, training, and personal support to business minded Veterans. This comprehensive system allows them to create healthy profits – with NO startup costs – and grow their own companies while helping other business owners do the same.


LifeInCase® (www.lifeincase.com) is a grab and go document storage solution created after years of researching government guidelines on the essential documents we all need to keep handy. Physical documents such as DD-214s, passports, social  security cards, and birth certificates may be required at a moment’s notice and a copy just won’t do. No matter what system you currently have, locating the essential documents needed by you or your spouse to start over again in an emergency can be extremely difficult, says Diane Hoyle-Moran, inventor of LifeinCase®. This system identifies and places essentials at your fingertips!


MobilLogic® (www.mobillogic.com) is a powerful web-based tool to organize your business and keep information on track with its internal reminder system. As a cloud solution, it easily adjusts to changes in your staff demands or seasons.  It’s flexible, robust and intuitive. Electronic data, research, media, schedules, and records can be easily stored, and accessed globally from phone, tablet, or computer. As Lee Donald, CEO of MobilLogic®, reminds us, “A hybrid cloud solution is not about down-sizing or up-sizing, it’s about RIGHT sizing, and MobilLogic® fits right.”


Organization Direct (www.organizationdirect.com) provides insights, coaching, training and assistance to help entrepreneurs develop business systems and processes. We help business leaders manage their time, become more efficient, and get more done through customized and personal interventions that help leaders be organized. “Don’t agonize. Get organized!”  urges owner and Chief Training Consultant, Linda Clevenger. “We are here to help.” 


Veterans and other interested individuals can visit Operation Business Force through each company’s website: LifeInCase.com, MobilLogic.com and OrganizationDirect.com.  There, they can contact OBF for more information on how to begin building their own business that will help business owners powerfully organize their businesses and their lives. Create revenue through providing other business owners training and access to this amazing triple-threat system.


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