Staying Organized With an iPad – More Tips

This week’s Blog is the continuing story of how a local University of Mary Washington student is staying organized with an iPad and…my other favorite tool that will keep you organized as well.

Usimg an iPad to stay organized
Using an iPad to stay organized



To read Caroline’s top 5 tips to staying organized with an iPad  just click here. Now, let’s finish this article with even more tips:




6. Clean and organized notes. Using an iPad to stay organized is one of the best benefits!  

One of my pet peeves is taking hand-written notes. It is really annoying when the professor talks about one subject then moved on to another, but then realized he/she forgot to say something about the first subject.  Augh!!  It leaves me with a random sentence in my notes that has nothing to do with the subject that you talked about 3 pages ago. And wondering, where in the world does this fit in. Talk about making it difficult to study for an exam.

   Taking notes electronically gets rid of this problem. You can just go back 3 pages ago and add them right in. No scribbling out and no huge pile of eraser shavings on your desk. My notes are clean, neat, orderly and organized!


7.   Quickly add a picture.

I am a picture person. Relating to notes when I have a picture just makes it easier to study and keep my mindset straight. An iPad makes this so much easier. I can quickly add a picture that relates to my notes. This is how Caroline uses her iPad to add a picture to her notes:

For me, when I’m taking notes, I keep Safari (web browser) and Pages (app I use to take notes) open and running so I can easily go between the two. It’s perfect for when I want to get an image off of google to add to my notes as a reference. It’s just as fast, if not faster, than using a computer.

To go between apps, all you have to do is take 4 fingers and swipe to the side and the previous app you were using will come up.

8.  Being included in the conversation! Some of my classrooms consist of one big conference table rather than individual desks. If you’re using a laptop, you end up being hidden behind your screen and are removed from the conversation. If you are using a tablet, the screen is on the table so your view is unobstructed and you are more included in the conversation.

Staying organized with an iPad can make life easy. We are a mobile society…and the Cloud is something that we have all heard about. I have my favorite app to keep my business and my home organized. It is called “MobilLogic”.

 With MobilLogic, I can keep my passwords, client notes, emails, home inventory and business inventory, files, and virtually everything that I need to have organized. It makes staying organized easy…we’ll talk more about that later.

 Staying organized isn’t easy…thank goodness technology gives us the right tools to make it happen.

 This blog is submitted by Caroline Frantz, a Senior at Mary Washington College.  She will graduate with a degree in Historic Preservation.