Using an iPad to Stay Organized

Girl Carrying Heavy Backpack
Girl Carrying Heavy Backpack


I never would have thought that using an iPad to stay organized would be so beneficial as a college student. Getting an iPad for Christmas last year from my parents was probably the most practical and helpful present I have ever received…I absolutely love it and want to share my experience. Here are my top 5 reasons that I love my 16GB iPad mini with the wifi plan to stay organized as a college student.


1.    It is saving my back…literally! Using the iPad to stay organized makes my backpack lighter. It has made a huge impact on the weight of my backpack. Downloading textbooks onto a tablet is so much easier than a physical textbook. Each physical textbook adds another 2-3 pounds to my backpack. My electronic books add no weight to my 0.69 lb iPad.


  1. The Highlighter feature.  Read an important sentence? Just run your finger over it. Boom it is highlighted.  And you didn’t just drop the highlighter cap on the floor and roll under the couch.


  1. The Notes feature. Instead of trying to write in the tiny margin of my books, with the iPad I can touch the place I want to add the note and type out everything I need and want to say. I now have:


  • All annotations in one spot . This is amazing for studying for tests or writing a paper. The program automatically gathers all of your annotations you’ve made   throughout the book into one spot that I can scroll through quickly and easily.


  • I can also click on the note/highlight and it will take me directly to the page from which it came. It is basically an automatic study guide. When I wrote a book report last semester, I used this feature a lot for quickly finding quotes to add to the report. Such a time saver!


  • Define – . Casually reading and then all of the sudden the word “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis” comes up? What in the world?  This happens to me all the time. Now, with the iPad, I can simply hold down on the word and an option to define it will come up! (It’s a lung disease, by the way).
  1. The Search Feature. It always happens.the professor says that “bank barns” will be on the test, but when he/she was going over it in class that just happened to be the one moment that 4 squirrels all decided to dance around outside the window next to me. But now the fact that I don’t have it in me notes is no longer a problem! I just go to my electronic textbook and type the words “bank barns” into the search bar. Never again do I have to flip through 300 pages to find one term or quote.

  1. I can get more done. Not only does having a tablet make reading a textbook a lot faster and easier, but it also makes taking notes in class effortless.


  • Faster – . When I use my iPad, I can type just as fast as I can on a computer, which means I can type fast enough that I get all of the information before the Professor changes the slide. It also means I have the time to add additional notes to each slide.


It is pretty amazing how one little piece of technology such as an iPad can help me be so much more organized. This isn’t all of my tips! I’ll be sharing the rest of my tips on next week’s blog.


I hope that you have an organized and productive week.



This blog was provided by Caroline Frantz…Senior at the University of Mary Washington.