Reach your Goals | Stop Feeling Like a Failure

Focus on Reaching Goals
Focus and Reach Your Goals

It is time to stop feeling like a failure when you don’t reach your goals. Last week I spoke to a group from our local Chamber of Commerce and this was the focus of the conversation.

It was really about how to stay positive and realize that you can’t do everything! Of course, I guess that if you have a nanny, a maid and don’t work outside the home this could be possible…maybe! I’ve never had that luxury. I have always been expected to work hard – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with working hard. I was working on the dairy farm at the age of 12.

What I have learned is to keep everything in perspective and be positive.  When you have a positive attitude, you can stop feeling like a failure. I’ve said it before – life will get in the way. And, I also believe that the results that I receive are directly related to my attitude. I try not to ask the question…”Why?” Instead, I ask myself the question “Why not?”

I can think of two major events (since starting Organization Direct) that I was just shocked and really did want to ask “Why”. Why am I being pushed to my limits? How much more can I really handle? My major events were my husband’s major accident, just as I was finishing my first year of business, and the birth of my granddaughter. My life took a major turn in 7 short months. My husband’s accident was unexpected, of course. And, as you may know, we went through 8 surgeries over 2 years to get him back onto his feet. My granddaughter’s birth was expected (obviously), however, I didn’t realize that Kindergarten would be so demanding! (Yup…we are raising her).  Life is continuing to change. I’m not going to try to stop it!

Life can be overwhelming and quickly become unorganized.  I didn’t have time to feel like a failure! Everything had suddenly fallen on my shoulders. So…I decided to step-up to the plate and take charge of both situations. I didn’t ask “why”. I said, “Why not?”

What I’d like to share with you is that when life happens stop the negative thoughts of “I can’t handle one more thing”. Think of every event as an opportunity to step into yourself and find out the real person that you were meant to be. Think through processes and events very methodically and use the time that you have to do the most that you can do.

Organize your space, your things, your life and your business. Work with a schedule. Use your calendar (whether it is electronic or paper) to plan ahead and know your obligations so that you don’t overbook yourself. There is nothing more stressful than not allowing enough time in your day to get it all done – after all, aren’t you in charge of your calendar?

If you don’t know how to start to get organized – call for help! I would never attempt to put in a new floor by myself. I would hire a professional. Professional Organizers are here to help you organize your life, home and business. We are your support team and will help you stop feeling like a failure.

Take control of your life – Get Organized Now! Call us with any questions that you may have about how to get organized.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct