What Is In It For Me?

What Is In It For Me? When I ask myself this question does it mean that I am being selfish?  And, what in the world does this have to do with getting myself organized?


Attitude Changes Everything

I often and ask myself the question…”Am I Being Selfish”? It is usually based around the idea that I would like to have a little more down time or an extra “date night” with my husband.  Or, that I’d like to do a little something extra for me…maybe it is just a new outfit or to go shopping without a child tagging along. There is so much to do – and sometimes I feel as if I am the only one “doing” it all and for that I can begin to feel resentful.  Do you ever feel that way?

When I feel this way, it is time to step back and just be grateful and thankful for everything that I am given every day. I can tend to overlook the small and mundane little things that happen to me every day that are a Blessing. For me, a Blessing is making down 11 miles of highway and hitting 15 green traffic light. This saves me at least 7 minutes in travel time. Blessing!!


This also includes an attitude check. I love the phrases…”Check your Attitude at the Door” and “Would you Like some Cheese with your Wine?” We tell our children to leave the attitude at home or in the car and definitely don’t take it to school with you. Sometimes, the parents (or adults) need to check their attitudes as well.

My attitude affects every part of my life.  And, I believe, attitude is a choice. I can chose to be happy and smile in the morning because your feet hit the floor and I am alive, Or, I can chose to say…another day, another dollar, another whatever.

I may have said this recently but it resonates with me every day. I recently had the opportunity to hear Darren Hardy, CEO of Success Magazine speak on choices. His words were so powerful. Everything in life is a choice…and choices have consequences (both good and bad).


An organized space generates a positive attitude. I have had many people tell me that they avoid going home or into their office because everything is so unorganized. So, instead they decide to go do a little retail therapy (aka shopping), come home late enough that they don’t have time to even touch anything and work on getting it organized, eat out and make unhealthy choices and pile even more unneeded purchases onto the stack of things that are already unorganized…and the cycle continues.

This is the time to ask yourself “What’s in It For Me?” Does your lack of organization cause you stress and anxiety? The answer to this question, if you are unorganized, is…a life that you can enjoy, a family that bonds together and time that will allow you to sit back and relax.

Touch an area of your home or office today and make the decision to get organized. The choice is yours.

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct