Do Emotions Keep You from Staying Organized?

This week, I had lots of unexpected events that could have kept me from staying organized and on track.  It seemed as if they would never end. The biggest was the crash of my laptop.  I started to get very frustrated over it all. But then thought about how I could handle it all.  I didn’t allow emotions to take control of my situation.  Getting stuck in our emotions can take us completely off track from our To Do List.  And, this can happen without us really realizing it. 

Then, yesterday our family went to church and our pastor was talking about emotions and I Angry Catimmediately thought about how emotions used to keep me from staying organized.   He spoke specifically about the emotion of anger and dealing with anger.  He mentioned that there was a study done in the U.K., a Country where people seem to be genuinely happy, that I found very interesting.  On average, every person spends 1 hour and 19 minutes a day being angry about something.  While I’m not sure of the source of his information, I found it very interesting.  It made me think about emotions and how staying organized through emotional times had affected me in the past.

Our Emotions Talk to Us and Affect the Ability to Stay Organized

I remember when it wasn’t as easy for me to let go of things that were bothering me, in order to move on and accomplish my goals.  My time management was interrupted by thoughts, ideas and scenarios that kept running through my head.  What was amazing is the result of the conversations that I used to have throughout the day.   My conversations weren’t very positive.  They were, typically, simply scenario and scenario of “what if”.  I’d imagine how the situation would end and could end.  However, in the end, none of the conversations ever came to fruition. 

Stop Worrying , Concentrate on Staying Organized

Thinking back, I have to say that I am much happier now that I have found a way to keep emotions under control and, thinking back, I find it hard to believe the level of my unhappiness, due to emotions.  I worried about everything.  I mean every little thing!  Anything that was out of my control was a worry.  I probably even imagined events happening, just for the opportunity to worry about them!  I don’t use this word very often…but that was really stupid!

Positive Changes and Staying Organized

So what changed?  A lot!  A few of the areas that I started working on that made the most difference in my life and business – and helped me to stay organized are:

  1.  Surrounding myself with positive people.
  2. Put myself in a position of control.
  3. Built my self-esteem through positive reinforcement.
  4. Invested in myself through coaching and education.
  5. Made a conscious choice to be happy.

Dealing with Emotions – and then Moving On and Staying Organized

You can find statistics that will tell you that it is good to express emotions – it is healthy to voice your opinion and release your feelings.  And, of course, you can also find statistics that will tell you the exact opposite also.  What I found very helpful to keep emotions in check and stay organized was the use of Essential Oils.  They are a natural alternative to help me with focus and what is really important every day.  Just a touch of essential oils and negative thoughts disappear, happiness is abundant and focus allows productivity to flow.  If you haven’t tried them yet, give them a try.  The best part of essential oils is that they have only positive results and they last a very long time.  You can find out more information about essential oils on my website.  Using essential oils allows me to deal with emotions – and then Move On.

Here’s wishing you great emotional success!