Are You More Organized than a 4 Year Old?

Do you think that you are Organized?  I would say that most of us can rate ourselves with a percentage such as…I’m 80% organized orPrincess Faith would say, “I’m organized at work but not at home”.  We all think of ourselves as being organized to a certain degree.

How Organized Are You?

Being organized isn’t rocket science.  It comes naturally to so many and for others…it is a struggle.  The one thing that I think is important to remember is that there is no real right or wrong way to “be organized”.  Your style of organizing should resonate with your personality.  A system that is too complicated is a system that won’t work.

This is where, I believe, people can get stuck and develop the impression that being organized is overwhelming.  Maybe it is that your system to organize is overly complicated for you to be able to keep it organized.  Keep systems simple and easy to use.

Are You As Organized as a 4 Year old?                                        

On Tuesday mornings, we leave the house no later than 6:30 a.m.  I have a standing 7:00 a.m. meeting and my husband always leaves for his commute by 6:30 a.m. too.  This means that our 4 year old is up too.  This morning at 6:15 our lights flickered several times before our electric went out completely.

After an initial panic of “momma, it’s dark”, our little girl says…”momma, I know where my flashlight is!  I’ll go get it!”.  Even though the house was pitch black, she walked into her bedroom and knew exactly which bin to open and remove her new headband flashlight which daddy had just bought her the week before.  She put the flashlight on her head and turned it on, then went to her dresser (where she keeps her “regular” flashlight) and used that flashlight to walk right over to our big family flashlight.  Within just 2 minutes…before I even had the chance to light a candle, everyone had a flashlight!  (I got the Princess flashlight).   My husband got the big flashlight and we all finished getting ready and made it out the door right on time! I guess that I am influencing her more than I realized!

Being Organized is a Choice You Make

If this were to happen to you tomorrow how would you react?  Would you know where your flashlight is so that you could continue on with your morning routine?  Or, do you think that you would panic, stress out and allow the overwhelming feeling to ruin your day?  The choice is really yours.  Being organized doesn’t take a lot of time and effort…what it does require, however, is consistency in what you do and how you do it.

Make a “Be Organized” List

Get organized this week.  Make a list of just two things that cause you stress and anxiety.  Then, put some thought into just a few little things that you can do to start organizing this part of your life.  If the incoming mail stresses you out, make a decision to take the following steps:  open it immediately, shred what has confidential information on it (that you don’t need), trash what is trash, file what you can and pay what needs to be paid.  Whatever you do, stop the practice of pile management.  If fixing dinner at the end of the day stresses you out, find some crock pot recipes and decide on tomorrow’s dinner tonight!

Being organized is a choice that we make…or not!

What will you chose to organize today?