How Motivation and Habits Keep You Organized

Do you struggle with the ability to get organized – and then stay organized?  We are driven by motivation to get things organized but what happens?  Everything can sometimes fall through the cracks.  Jim Rohn describes Motivation and Habits as follows:  “Motivation is what gets you started and habit keeps you there”.

So what is motivating you to get organized?  I love to pretend that family is coming to visit (and will be spending the night).  This is motivation to organize a specific space – not just throw it into the never-ending, piled high guest bedroom!  It is really interesting how we value what others think of our space and our ability to be organized.  And for your office, the first impression that people have of your office speaks volumes.

I remember visiting a print company years ago and felt embarrassed for them.  They had a customer come in to make copies on a specific type of paper – a paper that this company bragged about carrying!  And, when the customer went into the store front, they ended up helping the owner look for the box of paper.  I was appalled!!  What in the world?  How unprofessional is that?  You are, after all, a printing company…right!

Motivation is the driving force that allows us to get more done in less time.  Stop procrastinating and be productive.  This morning, while on an Organized Mom phone call, the first words from  my “moms” mouth were…Today my focus is to catch-up on a few things from over the weekend and my goal is to complete my school work by Thursday.  Because…my mother is coming into town to visit this weekend and I want to make sure that I have time to spend with her, without being stressed out!   Absolutely amazing!  I was so proud of her.  This is the same person that would have give me a yes, but….for everything just a few short weeks ago.  She felt driven, responsible and (more than anything else) responsible for reaching her goals.  This is partially because of her new habit – she holds a Sunday night meeting with her family to talk about what is on the schedule for the week.  She knows in advance what is expected and how she can handle everything.  I’m so proud.

Motivation is excitement and a positive attitude and will keep you moving forward to reach your goals – no matter what may come up!  Motivation results in the completion of productive work and activities vs. the incompletion of useless, ineffective and meaningless activities.  Motivation also helps produce beneficial habits that you can use every day to get more done.  Habits are the result of motivation and a benefit to our everyday lives.

Motivation and the development of habits also helps increase the awareness of our ability to reach our goals and dreams.  Sitting around and waiting for something, anything to happen results in just that…nothing happening.  What are you motivated to do for your home and/or business that will have a positive impact on your daily lives?  I’m anxious to hear your comments.

I am motivated to develop and build my online business to help both myself and others reach their dreams.  To our Success!


Linda Clevenger,  Experienced Professional Organizer

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