Schedule Management Increases Productivity

Schedule Management

When you look at your day and try to figure out how to get it all done does it drive you crazy?  Do you just get stressed out and want to throw your hands up into the air?  Because…after all, how will you get it all done?  Time management just doesn’t seem to work because there isn’t enough time to fit it all in.  How can you begin to manage it?  And the time spent trying to manage your time can seem like it is costing you time – stop the madness!  This is why I have changed my mind set to use the term Schedule Management.

After all, the number of negative thoughts that we have passing through our ears every day is what…20,000?  I’ve heard and seen so many different numbers – what I do know is that they are abundant.  And what we accomplish every day is directly related to the thoughts that we tell ourselves.  If we tell ourselves there just isn’t enough time, we will make sure that there isn’t enough time – and that we don’t accomplish what needs to be done or reach our goals.

Schedule Management is crucial to managing our day.  What we put on our schedule determines what we are doing every day.  Over-scheduling ourselves will put us in survival mode and ultimately on a path to avoidance and overwhelm.  And Schedule Management also allows us to control our behavior better.  It makes it easier to tell someone “No” because you are very well aware of what you have time for and what you don’t have time for in your day.  Saying “No” doesn’t have to be a negative remark.  It just means that you can’t do it right now…you may have time in your schedule to get it done tomorrow.  And if that project can’t wait until tomorrow, then, possibly someone else can step up to the plate.

Busy people get things done.   They are focused on productivity, opportunity and management of their daily schedule.  If I have a choice to ask someone for help, I will always chose to work with a busy person vs. a person who struggles to get out of bed in the morning or someone who begins their day after noontime.  By noontime, I have typically checked off 50% of the things on my list of things To Do.

Of course, things will come up!  We can’t manage every minute without the possibility of something popping up that demands our attention.  That just isn’t realistic!  Because life will happen, with or without our permission!  I know this first hand.  However…when this happens, it makes it much easier and quicker to be able to adjust your day and still be able to get things done in a timely manner.

Schedule management is, I believe, the key to getting more done every day and utilizing our time wisely.  Time isn’t something that we duplicate.  It is important to realize that taking control of our schedule management is our key to productivity and success.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct