Knowing…What is Your Next Step?

What an amazing Saturday morning! I volunteered to be part of a huge Organization Project. And, while I was excited to be able to participate, it seemed just a little daunting too. There were so many steps involved from beginning to end. And if just one little step is left out – well, the entire project can take a turn that would and could cost hours of time and energy.

Saturday, I had the opportunity to feel excitement, pride and sadness as well as the Blue Star Mothers of Fredericksburg joined together to package over 100 boxes to mail to our troops who are serving overseas. What amazed me the most was the organization that was involved in the preparation and packaging to mail these boxes.

This endeavor required some of the most advanced prep-work and organization of any project that I have ever worked with before. It began with the collection and organization of the baby wipes, candy, tissues, soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes and every other essential that was to be mailed to our troops. Every category had be sorted, organized and put into a separate bin prior to the event.

Preparation, coordination and organization of any project in advance will ensure that the project runs smoothly. It can be really easy to want to jump to step 5 of a project, especially if you really don’t resonate or “want” to do steps 1-4. They just aren’t any fun, but step 5…that Rocks!

In your life, business and homes it is important to think of what is involved to reach your goal. Strategically thinking ahead of all of the steps that are required to reach our ultimate goal – in this case, the boxes delivered to the post office – was essential to the success of your project. It may be helpful to you if you write down every step that needs to happen in order to reach your goal. This can also be a real eye-opener because of everything that is involved. It may seem very daunting. Remember, you don’t have to be the hero and do it by yourself. Call on your friends, family and members of your group to take a part in the process. Don’t be selfish! Let others help you along the way.

The Blue Star Mothers entire project took about 2 days time when you think about every step that was involved. It also took a ton of dedicated moms, dads, and local community supporters in order to make it happen. The key to every project is to enlist help, lay out your Action Plan, assign duties and make it happen.

It is an absolutely outstanding feeling to have the coordination of over 20 volunteers to help take all of these items from the inside of a grocery cart to a box that is addressed to a special Marine, Soldier or Service Member in a land far-far away. Being part of a group that helps others is very energizing and motivating.

Very soon, I’ll be sharing with you the completion of my personal project! We are 90% done! I’m so excited, we transformed a bedroom. I LOVE it! Be aware, we did not do this project ourselves. We had a lot of help from family members.

Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct www.organizationdirect.com