What IF you were More Organized?

We all have daily struggles and interruptions that come into our lives.  These interruptions can put a stop to everything that we are trying to accomplish during our day.  They can also cause stress?

This week I have had to really pay attention to how I am managing my time.  As things are getting busier I am having to really begin to juggle my calendar.  I haven’t figured out how to put more hours in each day so the alternative is to work smarter…not harder.  I sat down and decided to block out my time with some specific details.

First – I needed to find time to put myself on my calendar.  If I don’t take time for myself who will?  It is important that I have some time each day just to rest, relax, read and exercise.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of time but I need to stick to it.

Second – I blocked out a certain amount of time to work on my business.  This means writing blogs, keeping up with my website, doing keyword research, finding places to market my business online that were free and lastly, checking my analytics every week.

Third – I had to develop a roadmap for everything.  When a new Blog is written where is it going to be posted?  This includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Merchant Circle, etc.  I put up my list in my office – where I do most of my writing so that I can quickly and easily post the blog on multiple sites with ease.

Fourth – Now I am able to schedule in time for Consulting clients and Hands-On clients – which is the focus of Organization Direct. But without steps 1-3 there won’t be a Fourth step.

With my roadmap clearly defined I am able to stay focused and  accomplish more during my day.

If you would like to find out more about how find more time in your day just let me know.   You don’t have to be stressed.  Learn how to enjoy your life and business.

Linda Clevenger