Declutter Yourself

A Cluttered Living Room
Does this Clutter your Mind?

The thoughts that go through our mind on a daily basis can cause clutter.  It is said that we send ourselves 70,000 negative messages each and every day.  So how can we keep ourselves on track and keep the clutter from entering our head?

I attended a Symposium this past weekend and was quite suprised by the speakers.  It was called a “Care Giver’s Symposium” and my perception of the content was not what I received.  I figured it would be all about growing old, taking care of my parents.  What it was about was taking care of me!  Go figure…taking care of me is a novel concept.

One of the things that they focused on were relaxation techniques.  I’ve been using relaxation techniques to help me clear out the clutter from my head for quite some time.  There are times when I’m really not in the “mood” to dig into clutter and yet I know that I have to.  It is my business and my job to motivate myself and my clients to achieve results.

When I have those days I simply take a few minutes and put myself in a quiet place.  No distractions.  No noise.  No phones or blackberry’s buzzing in the background.  I close my eyes and mentally picture myself in a peaceful and calm setting.  Sometimes I’m at the beach, sometimes in a field of fresh clover…it just depends on the day.  Sometimes I’ll light a candle with a relaxing scent like lavendar or most of the time I use my Essential Oils from Young Living.  They are my real live-savers.

I do this for just a few minutes at a time and am able to put myself into the mode of peacefulness and calm.  I am able to relax and decluttered my head.  Now I’m able to focus on the task at hand and get the results that I need and want.  Sound too simple…it is!  That is why it works.

Decluttering your mind and body is, I believe, an important part of our day.  Worry can’t change anything…stress only multiplies worry and it all causes anxiety that we dont’ need.  Take some time today to declutter yourself and check out the results.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct