Life Happened

Well, Life Happened yet again to our family!  A major event that will turn what we have known to be the “norm” into a character-builder, time-management, patience-draining, schedule-rearranging and prayerful next 6 months.

We are lucky:

  1. That our son didn’t lose his leg
  2. That he is alive
  3. That no one else was hurt in the accident.
  4. That our vehicle was paid for
  5. That we have much better than average insurance coverage (since it was our vehicle that he was driving)

When “Life Happens”, it is very easy to find yourself going into a downward spiral that can quickly turn your entire world upside down. Stress and emotions can take over and affect your attitude, sleep, mood, sensitivity to comments and so much more!

The first step is to overcoming these unexpected changes is to come to grips with the reality of what has happened just happened.

My reality includes:

  • We are without a vehicle
  • Our son is looking at 6 months recovery time
  • Our son has no medical insurance
  • We immediately have been thrown into the role of a care-taker (yet again for me!)

The next step is to figure out what the next step(s) is and how to handle it!

Putting first things first can be difficult when so many emotions are bouncing back and forth in your head. And trying to add just one more (or 10 more) things into your already busy calendar can seem next to impossible.

There will be Dr. appointments, nurse appointments, physical therapy appointments, insurance issues, work issues, schedules to juggle and who knows what else at this point. Do I sound a little stressed?  The answer is definitely, if I let the situation take control of me instead of me taking control of the situation!

It has now been a week since the accident and all I can say is, “Let the fun begin!”

My goals are:

  • Stay focused on what is within my control – and let go of everything that I cannot control.
  • Make notes of every conversation, every appointment and everything that happens (I created a file for this!)
  • Communicate everything with my husband and son. Together we can handle it much easier as long as we all know where we are in the process.
  • Reach out to my connections for resources that we will need. This will ease the stress of making decisions
  • Encourage my husband and son with a positive attitude that together we will get through this situation. As my husband said when he crushed his heel, “this is a speed bump in the road of life. My accident does not define who I am as a person”.
  • Be patient when needed because I know that things will not move along as quickly as I would like them to. (We are already experiencing this!)
  • Keep myself busy and stick to my original schedule as much as possible.
  • Be flexible and understanding!!! The doctors, physical therapy and other appointments won’t really care about my or my husband’s schedule.
  • Be thankful every day that we still have our son in our lives

If you can relate to anything that I have shared, please feel free to give me a call. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason – even though I don’t know why. My goal is to use the tools in my toolbox to help you stay organized when Life Happens by staying positive and focused. I would enjoy the chance to have a conversation with you.