7 Benefits of an Organized Closet

After working with 2 clients this past week, here are my  7 Benefits of an Organized Closet.

Both clients called me to ask for help to organize their closets in a way that made sense for their personal needs. Two of the closets belong to children (ages 7 and 9) and the other was for a business professional who needed a closet designed to enable her to store her suits, shoes an jewelry all in one place.

An Organized ClosetClient #1- is active duty Marine Corps and just moved here from Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii (one of my favorite duty stations). So, of course they have absolutely NO winter clothing and have not had to store any winter clothing in their closets for the past 3 years! So, where do they store (and how do they store) their winter clothing in the space available?

Client #2-had to face the reality that she just has too many clothes! 3 years ago when she married and moved into her new home the closet “appeared” to be big enough to store all of her clothes and her husband’s clothes. However, that is necessarily the case. And this is partially due to the design of the closet.

After working with both clients to help organize their closets here are their top 7 take-aways:

  1. An organized closet helps create clarity and begins your morning with a positive attitude. When you can make easily make a clothing decision you will be happy and avoid the chaos and stress of trying to find the right outfit.
  2. An organized closet avoids the clothing clutter caused by pulling a piece of clothing off the hanger and then tossing it aside because you change you mind and decide that you want to wear something else.  (and don’t say that you haven’t done this!)
  3. An organized closet can be a great storage space (if it is big enough)
  4. An organized closet is a great place of serenity. As women it is important for us to have a place that we can call our own and for some women the closet can be there happy place!
  5. You will save money – avoid making duplicate purchases for shoes, clothes, belts and scarfs that you don’t need. Use what you have and enjoy it!
  6. This may sound strange but an organized closet increases your self-esteem! You will look at your clothes differently – because you will remove them from a hanger, not pick them up off of the floor.
  7. Organizing your closet can make you money! Marine Corps ball gowns, children’s Holiday dresses and shoes and purses that you liked (once upon a time), are all great items to put on your local Yard Sale Facebook page to sell.

Here is a fabulous idea to avoid spending money on ball gowns and holiday apparel! Renttherunway.com. Rent a designer dress without the designer price tag.

Besides the above benefits of organizing your closet it is also very uplifting to make donations to a local charity. I spent 3 hours in my closet yesterday and have 2 bags of items to donate!  Off to the charity store I go.


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