Are You Prepared for an Emergency



Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

This article is contribute by Deborah Kapchinske – Experienced Professional Organizer & Daily Money Manager/”Financial” Organizer

As an organizer my main objective is to be sure there is complete order in your life which include all areas of your home, motor vehicle and all papers.

My main focus is “important paperwork”. By this I mean Legal, Financial & Health Documents. These three are the most important in an emergency situation.

While we all have those papers in a drawer, box or envelope, can we get our hands on that one piece you may need when an emergency occurs? My clients have all this information in one location listed in a booklet. The back of it has what is called a Location Code. This tells you where the ‘original” document is kept. For example, with your attorney, in a safe deposit box, in a locked file cabinet or with an adult child.


Copies of the following items are imperative:

Current list of medications

Driver’s License or State ID

Passport (if you have one)

All Credit Cards (front & back)

Insurance Cards (front & back) including car insurance

Medicare & Social Security Cards

Last Will & Testament

Power Of Attorney

Health Care Directive

Telephone Numbers for your attorney, CPA, Financial Advisor & all doctors

Family & Friends Telephone Numbers

Safety Deposit Box information

Security System Information

While all of these documents are what I call “standard”, most people cannot readily put their hands on them. The most important one, by far, is the “current” list of mediations. This one document could possibly save a life.

Please commit to getting your papers in order and to make a master list of where everything is filed/stored. A copy of that list should be given to your most trusted advisor and also a close family member or friend


Deborah Kapchinske

Organized Daily Money Matters

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