Take on More than You Can Handle?

Have you been known to take on more than you can handle? Do you struggle with saying, “No”! This can be one of the biggest obstacles that keep you from getting orMessy Room#2 Before.3ganized.

We want to say that we can be “SuperMom” or “SuperDad” and can manage our time so well that it appears that we can do it all. This is not, however, healthy or productive. What image are we providing for our children? Are we telling them that they have to do it all too? Or are they well aware that the reason that there is no time for family and fun is because you (mom and/or dad) are always involved in something or some activity that pulls you away from your family?

This is why, I believe, the term Self Management is so important, instead of the all popular term Time Management. When we manage ourselves we are in charge of what we do with our time, time is not in charge of what we do!

Learning to say “No, Thank You” isn’t easy and you should not feel guilty for adding those words into your favorite phrase! It speaks
of your character and personality to be able to identify that you are real and know your limits.

Understand that I am not saying that this is permission to be (for lack of a better word) lazy. Identifying what you have time to do and also identifying that sleep is not “optional” can be difficult for some. What typically happens is when the overwhelmed, lacking in sleep, frustrated and exhausted mom or dad takes on too many activities or tasks they crash and burn – and this can cost days in lost productivity and set you back even more…continuing on the hamster wheel of exhaustion and un-organization.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, think about a friend, neighbor or relative that can give you unbiased and non-judgmental assistance – and, most importantly, someone who is not an enabler! This time with your friend, neighbor or relative should not be a gossip session or a moan/groan session. Your time should be designated to organizing one a
rea at a time with specific goals in mind every step along the way.

Don’t have anyone who can do this for you? Call a Professional Organizer. Some Organizers, like Organization Direct, even offer an Accountability Program to just guide you through the process. #getitdone