Time for a Do Over

It is time for a Do Over. This is the best thing about life is there is always a do over. Workout


(I’m left back-not as bent over as I should be but hey…I’m there!)


For the last 10 days I have been experiencing some pain and issues from a pulled hamstring. Man…did it hurt like a (you know what) when I pulled it.

For the last 3 months I have been going to my “boot camp” faithfully – at least 3 times a week and sometimes 5 times a week. I created the habit of getting up early (4:00 am) to be at the gym for the first workout session of the day….5:00 am!

I was energized, organized, moving through my day like bread on butter….until my hamstring went out. It seemed as if my world turned upside down. I actually recognized that my personality had changed. I was angry, emotional and just pissed off. As with most moms, I’m really good at handling everyone else’s issues but not so good at handling my own limitations.

It took me 10-20 minutes longer to do absolutely everything. Simple things like bending over to pick up a load of laundry or just tie my shoes were a level 10 pain…I can associate it with the pain of giving natural childbirth (which I have experienced 3 times).

I knew that when I reached the 1 week point I had to find a way to just get over it! No more pity party for me. I began to focus on what was most important again – what needed to be done for my businesses and my family. The best thing that I did was to go back to my regular gym and ride the bicycle (slowly) and walk the treadmill (even more slowly). It worked…I was feeling accomplished again – this is important for my personality. This is what started getting me out of my “poor me” slump!

So, this week, I went back to boot camp. I was bummed that my 3 good friends weren’t there to welcome me back (don’t know what happened to them), but it didn’t matter. Again, I did all of the exercises that I could – the best that I could – and I’m back on track again.

My take-away….Don’t let life get you down. Get your head out of the sand and get going again. Do what is needed to push yourself and get back on track. (And don’t expect anyone to notice or give you credit for what you are doing). Be your own best motivator.

We are all in charge of what, how and when we do everything. Even when circumstances may dictate a portion of our time ultimately, we are in charge of our day. Starting today, make every day count. Stop beating yourself up because obstacles step in the way. It’s time for a do over.

Take charge….do more…be more…get organized.

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