Reclaim your Attitude

We all have things that get in the way of our goals. These events are never planned, yet they can affect not just your morning or afternoon, they can affect your day, week and even your life (if you allow them to).

I could write a book about events that have happened since I started my business and also give you a ton of reasons why I should have given up. But, that isn’t me. Those of you who really know me, know that I’m not a¬†quitter.

Be Grateful
Reclaim Your Attitude

Your attitude has everything to do with the outcome that you will receive. Recently my husband’s company had some things going on with the Contract that he worked on. We weren’t sure whether he would have a job (talk about scary) It started to become pretty stressful because we weren’t prepared for him to be out of work. No one is prepared to be out of work for an unknown period of time. (It isn’t a choice that we would consciously make).

The short version of the story is that he did not keep his job with the company that he had been with for 5 years. He did, however, get picked up by the new Contractor. Same job, same desk…not a lot changed. What he didn’t realize, however, is that his attitude toward the entire process and event had a positive affect on others.

It made me proud to read a hand-written note that he received from a fellow employee who said that his “positive attitude helped her through this entire process”. She said that he “never waivered in his trust that everything would be okay.

What gave him the attitude of gratitude (and trust)? I attribute it to several things. First – the person that he hangs around the most….me! You see, he’s my best friend. Attitudes are contagious and we lifted each other up through this seemingly long 2 week period.

Second – Unfailing belief that when you do the right thing, you are rewarded. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy. It is, however, right.

Third – A clear vision. He never lost his vision of who he is as a person and where he wants to be in his life. In his words…”This is an opportunity, not a set-back”.

I’m pretty proud of him. An attitude of gratitude may be an overused term – but I will tell you that it works. Being thankful for everything – every minute of every day, isn’t always easy. However, it does become the norm when you think of all of the little, typically seen as insignificant, things that happen every day. Hey…I’m thankful for a green light while driving to the office. (That just saved me 2 minutes!)

One of the ways that I learned specific techniques to develop the sincere attitude of gratitude was by using my Young Living Essential Oils. If you would like more information, send me an email to linda@organizationdirect.com and put Essential Oils in the subject line.