Work Space and Flow Affect Productivity

When your work space and flow affect productivity, it is time for a change. So many times, we stop our progress because our work flow and our work space just is not conducive to productivity.

A work space does not have to be fancy, expensive or even “pretty”. It does , however, to be functional and meet your needs and the needs for your business to allow you to function on a daily basis.

Working with small businesses, I see a lot of areas that can, simply put, be better utilized in order to make it easier to work and increase productivity. There are some simple things that you can do to make your workspace more functional.

An Organized Office
An Organized Office

First – Not everything needs to be on your desktop. Those items that do need to be on your desktop are files and supplies that you use on a daily basis. This could include current/active client files, your paper file management system (for daily mail), and files that are necessary for you to function.

Second – Utilize overhead storage for other items that you need to have handy, however, don’t necessarily need to be on your desktop. There are even a lot of add-on items that can be hung over your cubicle that can offer you extra storage space.

Third – Have an effective filing system that you can easily refer to. This filing system could include original copies of forms that your office uses on a regular basis, information that you need track or client files that need to be locked up at the end of the work day.

Organize Your Paperwork
Paper Organizing System

Work Space and Flow are also necessary to ensure that your computer files stay neat and organized. You can spend just as much time looking for a particular item on your computer as you do looking for a physical file, if your computer files are not organized.

Set your computer files just like you would your physical files. Have categories and sub-categories, etc. but don’t make it too complicated – or you will get frustrated looking for your information. . You may find yourself just starting a new file (because that is just easier) and this will only cause confusion later.

Of course, you can take all of your information and store it on the Cloud so that you have it:  when you need it and when you want it – no matter where you are. And, there are a lot of options available which will allow you to keep it all organized.

I would recommend that you do some research before putting your information on the Cloud. There are a lot of options available and a lot of them are Free. However, as with most things, Free comes with a cost (in my book). I want to make sure that not only are my physical files organized, but my Cloud files are organized and safely stored. This Is why I use a software called MobilLogic.

MobilLogic – Your Cloud Organizing Solution

Just remember, developing your filing system for your personality and taste may take some time.  Allow room for expansion of the number of files and for the growth of your company. The time investment is well worth the cost of time that is lost looking for paperwork.

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