The Advantages of Social Media for Business

Social Media
Social Media

I have found that the advantages of social media for business are limitless. Just 4 years ago, I had no idea what the term SEO meant, had no idea what a Blog was and was totally ignorant (and scared) of the entire idea of social media.

A six week Emarketing 101 course changed it all for me.  Now, I blog frequently, am a contributor to many local online newspapers and write at least 12 blogs a month. Who would have thought it? I call it my mid-life change. I won’t say that I am a “great writer”. But, I will say that I am consistent and that consistency has abundantly paid off.

Through Social Media I now have business partners. We market our businesses together as a triple-threat system and meet the need to stay organized in every aspect of your life. From paper organization to cloud organization, we offer it all!

Social media has given us the platform to develop this relationship in a big way. It amazes me, every time that I ask Lee (my MobilLogic partner) how she met someone, she has the same answer. Guess! I’ll say, LinkedIn and she responds, “you got it”!

Social media can be scary. I meet with business owners every week who don’t engage in social media because they either don’t know how to do it or don’t feel that they can dedicate the time that it takes. It can all seem too overwhelming.

When I work with clients, I advise them to develop a social media system to stay on track. Consistency in posts, likes, comments and staying updated with changes is necessary to being found on social media and the development of relationships, which lead to business.

I find it very energizing to meet and connect with businesses that with “like-minded” attitudes and mindset that don’t mind sharing information. Some of the things that I have done to gain credibility with social media are:

  1. Post consistently
  2. Be positive, genuine and authentic
  3. Think outside the box
  4. Do not make self-serving or self-promotion comments
  5. Be encouraging


  1. I actually had a large 2 day organizing client last week and was off-grid for most of that time. Because I hadn’t made a post on a regular basis, I received a text asking, “Are you ok? We haven’t heard from you?” That was awesome. People missed me! Because I posted consistently, I was asked to manage two LinkedIn groups! People do pay attention.
  2. Be the same person that you are in life as you are in social media. Don’t be phoney.
  3. Think about who you want to connect. Don’t just connect within people that are inside of your comfort level. Reach out to others who can teach you what you need to know.
  4. Remember the 80/20 rule. Promote others, support others 80% of the time and only promote yourself 20% of the time. Continual self-promotion is not acceptable.
  5. Being encouraging to others will let them know that you really do care. You never know when the one little sentence that you post will help you make a connection with someone that can change your business.

If you would like to learn more about how Social Media can help your business and how you can work it into your schedule, contact me. I’ll be happy to help however I am able. Click here for upcoming classes.

If we haven’t already connected, lets do it!! 





Social Media is an important of today’s business world. What connections have you made tottransform your business?