Break Patterns and Pitfalls – Stop Running Late

Break Patterns and Pitfalls – Stop Running Late

Here are a few suggestions:

Stop Running Late
Stop Running Late

Make Smart Decisions – Ask Yourself these Questions

  • “What’s the most important thing I should be doing right now?” Should I be checking email, or should I be getting out the door so that I’m not late?
  • Should I make this phone call now, or should I join my family for dinner and write myself a reminder to make the call later?
  • Plan your week on Sunday evenings. Check your calendar – do you need to pull directions to that Doctor’s appointment? What do you need to do in order to prepare for your week? Do I need to add anything extra to my grocery list this week?
  • Set a timer. If you absolutely have to squeeze in something, set a timer to make sure you’re only spending the anticipated amount of time on it. For example, if you have to get that email sent before you leave, set a timer for the five minutes you’ll allow yourself to spend on it, and let it go when the timer goes off. Another option is to schedule specific time on your calendar to send that email.

Be the example for your family…they will follow your lead and you will be avoid running late.

  • I’d love to hear what you do to prevent being late.