Confession of a Professional Organizer

This is my Confession of a Professional Organizer.  As business grew and morphed and grew and morphed, I found that I was not able to keep up with everything myself. I needed help! I needed help in order for me to take the next big leap. And, I specifically needed help organizing my personal space.

The Many Hats of an Entrepreneur Organized Kitchen Cupboard

I am an Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother and Grandmother.  I serve in leadership roles with the local Chamber of Commerce, my Church, Blue Star Mothers of America and M&T Bank.  I don’t share this because I want kudos. I share this because this is my Confession of a Professional Organizer. And, facing reality that I couldn’t do it all was very enlightening.

Time Management

I’ve written about Time Management over and over again. And, you are well aware that there are only 24 hours in a day and only 7 days in a week. As a Professional Organizer we help people organize every area in their life.  Why? Because we are able to think outside the box to help others change their lives. Being organized allows us to have more time to enjoy our lives, spend more time with our family and be more productive every day. And, I needed more time!

How Business Changed This Year 

Business in 2013 has taken a complete turn and I am very Blessed in so many ways. I have begun taking business into the Virtual realm of Organizing through coaching and training and am giving instruction on Social Media (specifically Linkedin).

Through Linkedin I have developed relationships with 3 companies and will be stepping into becoming a trainer for their clients and business to help them get organized. Let’s just say that I am super-excited! However, I knew that I could do it all alone.  Help was required.

My Confession of a Professional Organizer 

I had to realize that I couldn’t do it all. Being a grandmother is a snap! However, being the mother of an almost 5 year old (at my age) is demanding more of my time. And, I know that when she starts school in 4 months, my time management skills will be stretched even more.

I wanted to “really” Spring Clean this year. And, this year is like every other.  The job of a Professional Organizer picks up during the Spring and Fall. I have not had the opportunity to give my own home and space the time that it deserves to give it a new look for several seasons.

So, confession time! I hired someone to help organize my space. Whew…there, I said it. I was nervous, at first, to admit that I needed help. Then, I decided to look at it through another set of eyes.

What an eye-opener! I think that every Professional Organizer should try it! Hiring a Organizer was the best decision ever. I put on my “client hat” and was able to get a different perspective on how I could organize my own kitchen space. And, I was able to see the organizing process from the eyes of a client. All I can say is…amazing! I love my newly organized kitchen and am looking forward to organizing other areas of my home as well.

The Best Part! 

The best part about a The Confession of a Professional Organizer!  I feel no guilt in asking for assistance.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct