Stop Feeling Like a Failure!

Stop feeling like a failure because you aren’t able to do everything that you “think” is your responsibility?  I can relate.  For a very long time, I thought that I was the only person who could do…._________________ “fill in the blank”.  For me, it was everything!  No one could do it as good as me.  I had to be in charge because that was the story that I told myself – and the story that my ego told myself!

What this did is added unneeded and unwanted stress to my work schedule, my family and my life.  It was unhealthy and unproductive…and the worst part is that I didn’t give my co-workers or family members the opportunity to develop their talent and expertise!  That was just wrong of me and I apologize!

Especially in December, we can feel the stress of reaching expectations.  We have probably added in at least several holidStop Feeling like a Failure ay parties into our schedule, the time it takes to decorate your office and/or home, all of the extra activities, visits and obligations that are only required during the holiday season.  It can be easy to feel as if we are a failure if we don’t get it all done – by ourselves.

So…how do you stop feeling like a failure?  Here are some steps that will help you organize an especially busy calendar this month:

Plan for December
December Calendar Planning

1.  Gather everyone together for a team meeting.    (This is not to sing a Christmas carols though!)              Gather together your family and employees and hold a Calendar meeting.

2.  Using a large dry erase board or piece of paper, have everyone identify all of their special events, parties and extra activities that they would like to attend.

3.  This will help you identify when:  people may need to leave early for the day, it might be a good idea to come in late (the morning after a great party) and give you a big picture of how – together – everyone can cover for each other.  If you are looking at a family schedule, it is also a good time to realize when you may need a babysitter or assistance with childcare.  (Waiting until the last minute to find someone to help in this area can cause enormous stress).

Once you have identified everyone’s schedule, activities and needs – plan out your month.  Include all of the activities of everyone in your home or office and adjust accordingly.  Block out the time necessary not just to attend the event but also to travel to and from the event.  Doing this ahead of time will allow you to keep from feeling like a failure because you just can’t get it all done because there is absolutely no reason for you to feel that you can’t or shouldn’t have fun this holiday season too!   You can have it all when you are proactive and become a planner.

The best thing about developing a plan to “not fail” is that you can easily carry this philosophy through into every month of the year.  Check out our article last week on Habits.   Don’t set yourself up to fail…take charge of your life and business and Get Organized.

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Linda Clevenger, Professional Organizer