Being Organized is Contagious – Like the Flu and Smiles


Do you ever become discouraged with the idea of everything that you need to do to stay organized?   It is proven that being organizedOptimism is contagious affects your lifestyle, family life and definitely the success of a business.  What is the right answer to the age old question…”How to Stay Organized?”  The truth is…the only right answer is a positive attitude toward the entire process, and don’t think that you have to be perfect!

Being organized and managing your schedule, time and paper – along with clients, daily activities and having some fun is not always easy or exciting.  Sometimes it is stressful and overwhelming.   This can be caused by the worry about whether you are doing it right, or not.  And, the abundance of applications for our android phones, iphones, tablets and computers that say that they are the answer to keeping us organized…but are they?  I don’t think so.  I think that they have made it even harder for us to stay organized because they may not be right for your personality and organizing style.

Being organized requires habits and consistency.  Developing these habits isn’t always easy…especially when you are only counting on yourself to provide motivation and accountability.  Have you ever noticed that it can be easy to fall into good habits when you spend time with other friends, relatives or business owners who also share your compassion for good habits?  And, of course, the reverse is also true…spending your time with people who are negative, dramatic and discouraging people will also  draw you into their attitude and discourage you from keeping your goals and organized.  You can take on the attitude and thoughts of the people that you “hang around” and become just like them!  Misery loves company!   Just like the flu, being organized is contagious!  You can, unconsciously, subject yourself to the flu just as easily as you can subconsciously keep yourself from getting organized.  Don’t let people break you down.    Be happily contagious with these tips:

1.  Don’t let negativity take away your happiness.  If you have thoughts that continue to run through your mind, try using Bach Flower Essence – White Chestnut.  Positive thoughts will help keep you organized and moving forward.

2.  Dedicate yourself to embracing negative news.  What happens today does not dictate your entire life.  Use today as a learning experience to move on to tomorrow.

3.  When you become discouraged create an outlet to release your anger or disappointment.  Releasing your feelings will help keep you on track and stay organized.

4.  Don’t give up – move on.  Be accepting that things may not be the way that you want them to be – at least for the moment.  You do, however, have the power to change them with your positive attitude.  Getting organized is just a few steps away – baby steps are better than no steps.

5.  Being contagious about the changes that you can make will help you stay organized every day.  Don’t get discouraged…life will throw you a monkey wrench.  How you handle situations will determine whether you stay on task.

Stay organized and make it a great day.

Linda Clevenger, Professional Organizer

Organization Direct