Are You Organized AND Productive?

So what…you show up for appointments on time.  You can officially say that you have marked 10 different tasks off of your To Do List today.  You can find everything that you need, when you need it.  But how productive are you, really?

Productive – according to Mirriam Webster Dictionary is defined as having the quality or power of producing especially in abundance or yielding results; benefits or profit;s or yielding or devoted to the satisfaction of wants or the creation of utilities.

So you may have the most organized office ever!  People may walk in and actually say…WOW!  Your office looks greaUnorganized Office Space t.  Are you simply just walking-the-walk by having people believe that you are productive and successful or are you just organized?  Being organized and being productive are not the same.

Productivity is related to us actually completing our tasks, assignments, chores  Productivity is determined by the results that we achieve.  Starting  activities, as mentioned above, and then abruptly stopping them is counter-productive and honestly this is where most businesses, especially Entrepreneurs, get lost.  I often hear the familiar words…”I tried that but it didn’t work for me”.  My next comment is typically, “Why”?  If it is an activity that doesn’t resonate with your personality, then you are absolutely correct.  The technique that you are using to reach your goal may not work for your personality and affect your productivity.  However, there are many cases where things “don’t work” and produce the desired result simply because the Entrepreneur gives up.  The fact that an activity, application, or system isn’t productive may be directly related back to the individual who gave up within weeks, days or hours of starting the process.

Organized Office
an Organized Office

Being Productive in our daily lives means having a system, process or “way” of doing everything…mostly very simple things…easily.  This is how we will achieve results.  What could, should or would take one person 5 minutes to do can take another person over thirty minutes to accomplish.  And, no, this would not relate to the amount of time that it takes you to do something that you have never, ever done before.  I am talking about simple, everyday tasks that we make more difficult than they need to be.  This can be accomplished by over-thinking the tasks, purposefully putting it off (procrastination) or simply not realizing options that are available to us.

Increasing your productivity will occur naturally when you take the time to sit down and think things through – carefully and thoughtfully.  Spending two minutes to make the right decision will keep you from spending hours because you made the wrong decision.  I always try to be responsibly reactive to every situation to be as productive as possible.

When you are in charge of a situation, take the time to think through the steps involved to reach your goal and have the most productive day possible.  Your increased productivity will reward you with increase income, clients and happiness!

To Your Success!

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct