Now is the Time to Take Action

Taking Action to Get Organized


What is it going to take to organized your home or office?  The more that you think about it, the more it makes you feel yucky.  You just don’t feel like doing it and yet, you are too embarrassed to have someone come in to help.  It is going to require your time, energy, motivation, encouragement, desire and taking action.  It isn’t going to get done by itself.  You have made the decision, and not it’s time to take action.

Where to begin?  The logistics of getting a space organized can be mind boggling.  Do you start with the paperwork and filing or maybe the elimination of items that you just can’t seem to get rid of.  Do you possibly need help getting rid of things?  And when will it fit into your schedule because, there are three ways that it will get done.

1.  Rearrange your schedule so that you can still keep your family and business up and running.  If you are a morning person, get up and spend an extra 30-60 minutes each morning on organizing.  I recommend that you take the time, the evening before, to write down what it is that you are going to do, since you’ll be starting it first thing!

2.  Find your time-suckers.  I guarantee that you will be able to find wasted time during your day.  What is it that drains your time?  The most common time-sucker is email.  Putting a time limit on checking your emails will give you “found time” that you can use to get yourself organized.

3.  Reallocate duties.  For your home, ask for help from family members.  Odds are that they are not helping because they haven’t been asked to help.  With this comes the need to release your expectations.  Not everyone will do tasks “exactly” as you do them.  That is really ok!

For your office, ask the staff to step up and take on some extra duties.  I don’t recommend that you ask them to do anything that would give them any authority over money decisions but generic type of tasks that they are more than capable of doing.  After all, you are paying them to do a job and how much time are they wasting?  Have you ever thought about checking to see how much time is being wasted on personal calls, on the amount of time that is spent on serving the internet or looking for files and paperwork.  On average every employee spend 1 hour looking for something – usually a piece of paper.  That equals one hour found already that can be spent on getting your business organized.

Lay out your plan to get your home or business organized.  Make a large goal and then break it down and define it down into smaller and achievable goals that can be reached on a daily basis.  As time goes on, it will become easier and easier to see the ultimate goal being achieved.

Visualize your goal completed and make it happen.