“How To” Increase Productivity

Is there a secret to being more productive?  Do you find yourself struggling with the     challenge of too much to do and not enough time?  I thought I’d share some tips that will help you stay focused and increase productivity.  I know that you CAN do it….

Some days we are able to stay focused and on track much better than other days.  We can start our morning and go from task to task, marking things off of our “To Do” list and feel very accomplished.  Then there are days that are the exact opposite.  The day flies by and our “To Do” list sits there with nothing accomplished.  It can be frustrating and exhausting and affect the next day and the next….

The secret to increased productivity is to have your head in the game…be more organized and get more done.  I’ve put together some tips to help you increase daily productivity in your home and business.

While there isn’t a magic solution, I hope that these useful tips to help you streamline your day and become more productive.

Schedule time for yourself.  When you are stressed out it will affect everything and everyone around you.  Make your mental, emotional and spiritual health a priority.   When your head is in the right place your world will be more productive.  Then make time for your family and community projects.

Consolidate your personal and business schedules into one calendar to make sure that you are aware of all of your daily obligations.

Check your schedule at the beginning of every day.  Plan to be flexible, if needed.

Know your limits.  Don’t plan too much on one day.

Place a clock in front of you so that you can track how much time you spend on specific tasks.

Schedule your time so that you aren’t running late.  This is one thing that you don’t have to worry about.

Make your personal appointments for first thing in the morning…you’ll spend less time waiting for the doctor or dentist.

Delegate tasks whenever possible to family or colleagues.  You don’t have to be in charge of everything.

Quickly put things away at night to avoid waking up to clutter.

Linda Clevenger

Organization Direct