Finally – Top Ten Excuses that Keep You From Becoming Organized


For the last three weeks we’ve been discussing the Top Ten Excuses that Keep You From Becoming Organized.   Although there are other reasons that can stop you from becoming organized, these are the Top Ten that I hear from my clients. 

Excuse #8 – I spent too much money on that.  I can’t afford to get rid of it.  

Let’s think about this.  We all make impulsive buys at times and spend too much money on certain things.  It is human nature – we get caught up in the moment.  Think about the last computer you bought.  It probably cost at least $1000 just a few years ago but what is it worth now?  Probably nothing.   And odds are that it can’t be repaired or upgraded to provide you with the technology that you need now.  When considering whether you should let go of a high ticket item consider other options.  Would it make sense to sell it on e-bay? And, can you sell it within a reasonable amount of time?  The key is to act quickly and get rid of  your item.  Don’t put too much thought into it.  If you are looking to make a donation consider Goodwill Industries.  They now take electronic items as donations.

Excuse #9 – My Kids Never Keep Their Stuff Organized (why bother).  

This is the reason that organizing needs to be kept simple.  I use the age-old K.I.S.S. Method.  Keep It Simple (and Silly or Stupid).  A complicated organizing system won’t work with children.  And developing this system at an early age is as important as keeping it Simple.  They need to know exactly where their shoes, backpacks, books, clothes, pajamas, robes, and toys are to be kept.  Another helpful hint is that they each have a specific place to put their dirty clothes at the end of the day.  (Don’t make the bedroom floor an option).  Think about the systems that are used in Day Care Centers.  Every child has their own hook, bin, cubby, etc.  Having a system set up at home will avoid loosing things which will save you tons of time.  And, it just makes sense to develop habits at a young age. 

Excuse #10 – I don’t have time to get organized. 

We always talk about breaking things up into chunks – Avoid looking at the big picture.  The perception of the amount of time that things will take can be deceiving.  Challenge yourself to set your kitchen timer for 5 minutes and then see how much you can accomplish in those five minutes.  Another way to avoid this excuse is to make up a specific Plan of Action for this project.  What part of the project needs to be done first, what makes the most sense.  Don’t put the cart before the horse…think the project out sensably and you’ll save time.

I hope that these tips are helpful to you, your family and your everyday life.  Becoming organized takes work but the alternative – procrastination – is not an option.  Enlist help from family, friends, or hire a Professional Organizer.  Make a decision to live the life you deserve, today.