Get Organized in January

January is dedicated as “GO” month by The National Association of Professional Organizers.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  New Year, New You….Get Organized!

January is the month that we decide to make life changes  such as to lose weight, quit smoking, become _________….you name it!  We decide that we need to become organized because it will eliminate the clutter, chaos and overwhelm in our lives.  What does it take to become Organized though?  You can buy all of the plastic containers that Wal-Mart has on sale, and have a dream of how you will use them all, but unless you develop a system that will work for your home or office, you have just created more clutter, chaos and overwhelm.  And now, you have to find a home for all of the containers that you just purchased…and justify spending all that money too!  You can talk about becoming organized but unless you “do it”, it won’t happen.

Becoming organized takes time, energy and focus.  It also takes cooperation from family members and dedication and willingness to change on your part.  Your clutter didn’t get into your home or office overnight and it isn’t going to go away overnight.  Once you get the clutter under control, it is even more important that you have a Plan of Action to keep it that way.  Slipping back into old habits is very easy.

Following are some steps that you can take to make a change in 2011.

  • Don’t use the word “Resolution”.  You aren’t resolving to make changes..you are dedicating yourself to weekly progress to reach your goal.  Holding yourself accountable to making these changes if the only way that they will happen.
  • Rely on yourself and your dedication to make a change.  We can change ourselves and our own thought patterns, we cannot, however, change others and their thought patterns.  What I find that works well is to put myself into the proper mindset at the start of each day.  Stay positive, ignore drama, find focus…get things done!
  • Write down your Intentions list every day.  Developing a structure to your day vs. operating “on the fly” will guarantee that you reach small, manageable and measurable goals.
  • Track your progress…document everything that you do on a daily basis, no matter how small it may seem.   It is important that you give yourself credit for the small accomplishments.

This can be the start of your “GO” goal for January.  Get Organized…make a difference in your life.  Make changes, achieve results, avoid overwhelm and chaos…enjoy yourself!  Life is Good!

Linda Clevenger