What Is Motivating You?

I just returned from an event in Northern Virginia with David Neagle, Suzanne Evans, Bari Baumgardner and Blue Melnick.  I attend just a few of these type of events every year for motivation  and education for my business. In 2010 I dedicated more time and funds than any other year into education and events.  This has helped me grow personally and professionally and I have definitely realized the results.  This has made such a huge change in my own attitude, motivation, clarity and desire to help others.

How are you motivating yourself to make 2011 your best year ever?  Do you know what inspires and motivates you personally to make change?  Once you are aware of how and what gives your gut that feeling of Christmas morning as a child it is easy to become motivated to reach your goals.

With the proper mindset you can and will be able to monopolize on your desires and take your business and personal life into new heights.  One of the last exercises that we did at the SEVEN event was to write down three things that we were taking away from our time together and write them down.   I thought…wow!  Three things, I can do this.  Then David Neagle told us to mark through two of them.  I felt somewhat deflated but did it anyway.  Then the reality of the event hit me like a brick across the back of the head.  When we left the event it is our own responsibility to keep the momentum going…we weren’t going to be surrounded by motivators and millionaires to keep us in that Christmas morning feeling.  We would be responsible for our own movement.  So, I marked through one two of my goals and left myself with the goal to set up my signature system.  This will be my Organized Entrepreneur Program.  The Program just officially launched on December 1 and already is filling up quickly.

Are you ready to identify your needs and desires to achieve your goals in 2011?  Check out the Organized Entrepreneur Program and take advantage of the Introductory Special available for a short time.  Investing in yourself is one of the best decisions that you can make.  Why not start now?

Linda Clevenger