Begin Holiday Scheduling (Part 2)

Part 2 of our Holiday Scheduling Blog will concentrate on avoiding overwhelm for the rest of the year. 

Our lives and so hectic without having to add in all of the extra things that “need” to be done.  Sit down and grab a piece of paper.  Write down all of things that you expect yourself to do from now until the end of the year.  On my list for this year is:

Spend some downtime for myself

Bake cookies with my family – by December 15

Get shopping done early – by December 1

Stay within budget

Have the tree up 2 weeks prior to Christmas

Have everything wrapped as they are purchased – not having to stay up until 2 a.m. to get everything done and under the tree – by December 5

Go to the Holiday Parade

Take an afternoon to go shopping with my husband

Why is this list very specific with deadlines assigned?  Because last year was so different for me and I put myself last.  Things HAD to change this year.  

What I changed:   1.  I pulled away from a group that was sucking my energy totally dry.  I didn’t get a chance to enjoy any part of the holidays because I was involved in too many groups who all needed to have a community presence during the season.  While this is very admirable and I enjoyed it, it also took away all of the happiness of the holiday season for me. 

2.  I didn’t get any time with my husband.

3.  I didn’t get the tree up 2 weeks early.

4.  I didn’t get any downtime or spend time with my family baking cookies.  It was miserable. 

This year will be different.  I dropped all but one of my associations and will contribute as I can not as I am told to do.  I have decided that I’ll contribute to things and organizations that need help but won’t drain me (as a person) in the process. 

I have already seen a change in my attitude.  And my attitude is MY choice, not anyone else’s choice for me.

Your attitude about how you spend and organize your time is YOUR choice.  The world will not fall apart if Everything doesn’t get done.  I’m not saying pull out of activities which touch your heart either personally or spiritually but be selective in how you choose to spend you time.  Time is the one thing that we can’t replace, ever!