Hello! My name is Linda Clevenger.

Organization Direct Linda ClevengerAfter spending over 20 years in Corporate America, I realized that I needed a change. I felt stuck. Being an active-duty Military spouse, I had worked in various management positions. Suffered through a time in the collections field and then found something I absolutely loved  – working in the financial planning field. The only draw back was that there was no room for me to continue to grow as a person, or room to move up within the Company.  I even worked in Direct Sales for several years and then realized that I wasn’t fulfilling any of my hopes and dreams.

I attribute my choice to venture out into the role of an Entrepreneur to my Direct Sales business. The training and encouragement that I received helped uncover skills and talents that I had not taken the time to recognize. It helped me realize that my true passion was helping others through their struggles. I felt the need to impact lives in a way that was significant to the World.  In January, 2007 I began my Organizing business.  I knew that I possessed the qualities to be a successful Organizer…understanding, desire, drive, the ability to listen to others and truly understand their needs and a positive attitude toward life.

My Philosophy

Clutter is not simply a matter of too much stuff and no where to put it. It is a matter of mindset and developing a thought process that allows you to avoid chaos and overwhelm. When you can think clearly, you are able to move forward to reach goals and dreams that you never thought possible. Simply put…an UnOrganized Mind does nothing – an Organized Mind Achieves Results.

We assist with:

  • Paper Clutter
  • Filing Systems
  • Relocation Services
  • Senior/Boomer Downsizing of Homes
  • Reduction/Removal and Donation of Items
  • ADD/ADHD Assistance
  • Home Office Organization
  • Hoarding
  • Daily Business Organization
  • Accountability
  • Time Management

Our Team

  • Victoria-400
    Victoria learned the benefits of home organization early in life. Growing up in a military family, her family moved 10 times before she graduated from high school. She holds an...
  • Tamara-400
    Tamara is the EBay expert for Organization Direct. So many times there are items in your home that we just aren’t sure that we should eliminate. Are they worth money?...
  • Charlotte-400
    Charlotte is a true Entrepreneur. She also has decades of experience in the work force. Charlotte has started 2 businesses from scratch including their office organization, filing systems, office procedures....
  • OfficeAfter-4-150x150
    Myrna has been in management for thirty five years – a major part of those in the hospitality industry. Her strengths include: great customer service and insuring our customers are...