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Become an Organized Student Today!

Organized Scholar Students of all ages can struggle with the demands of projects, assignments, deadlines, accountability, school activities and outside activities, family time and “doing it all”. This can become especially evident during the transition periods of Middle School, High School and College. It can even be experienced by moms who return to school after starting a family. The transition into college can be really scary because what if your child really skated through tests in High School and everything was easy? With our Organized Scholar Program you will become an Organized Student.

Our Organized Scholar Program is designed to help you become an Organized Student. It is for any student who is struggling with keeping themselves, their homework and assignments as well as their space organized in order to stay on track, regardless of age. As a parent, the “mom”, your words may fall on deaf ears because what do you know…after you are “Mom”, or dad or grandma.

The Organized Scholar Program will help you and your child develop skills that will allow them to manage their schedules, manage what is needed (and not needed) in their backpacks, tools and tips to help them be more productive in less time and accountability to doing what it takes – without getting frustrated. We celebrate successes and identify struggles and see you and/or your child through an entire semester of school. The highlight of this program is the development of essential skills and habits that can be carried through into your child’s personal life and become an Organized Student.

Do you or your child struggle with any of the following:

  • Time Management Issues
  • Their Daily Schedule
  • Lack of Focus
  • Staying Organized
  • A backpack jammed with papers
  • An unorganized locker
  • Loss of Paperwork and Assignments
  • Forgetting to bring home the right books
  • Forgetting to bring home the assignment
  • Using a Planner
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Structure

The Organized Scholar is a 12 week program that can be done virtually or face-to-face.

  • Together we will identify your organizational strengths and weaknesses – what is stopping you from keeping you from being (and staying) organized to reach your goals.
  • Up to 6 hours of face to face time getting to know your student – and identify “why” they are struggling. We develop a relationship with your student of trust and honesty that allows us to get to the root of your students struggles.
  • Weekly contact (whether face to face, Skype or another means of communication) – 20-30 minutes each week
  • Hold your student accountable to reaching their goals
  • Keep you, the parent/guardian informed of progress (and struggles) each step of the way
  • Consistently strive toward reaching the next goal and development of skills will last a lifetime.

The Organized Scholar Program is offered to both children and adults of all ages that want to become an Organized Student and struggle with any of the issues and/or concerned mentioned above. We work together for 12 weeks and create a Plan of Action in order to get you organized. This 12 week Program is based on the results of an Organizational Assessment and each package is personalized and designed to meet your specific needs.

The Organized Scholar Program is for those who are ready to become focused, get better grades and stay organized during the school year. Release unproductive habits and realize your full potential. To sign up to be an Organized Scholar complete our Contact Form today!

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