Get Motivated and Organized |Step Up to the Plate

The stories that we tell ourselves about why we don’t “get organized” are pretty amazing.  Excuses can be a dime a dozen.  And, they are pretty easy to make up, if you think about it!  So let’s get motivat


I think that this is the biggest challenge for most people.  They just don’t see the real “reason” or benefit to get organized.  After all, if


they look long enough and hard enough, they will be able to find what they need…eventually!   And, you are dealing with it, working in it and living in it just fine…right?

But how much time did you just waste?  Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a system in place and knew exactly where an item belongs so that you didn’t have to look for it?  Or, wouldn’t it be great if your paperwork was easy to file and you didn’t miss deadlines?

It is time to take a good look at yourself and your situation to decide the true reason for your disorganization.


This does not mean that your reasoning is logical!  It actually may be very irrational to others…but to you, it makes total sense.

Do what it takes!

I hit a point in my life where I had to make some serious decisions.  My husband had a major accident that was going to require a long recovery and many surgeries. We were originally told it would be 6-9 months before he would be able to walk again.  Little did we know that it would be 2 years!

Just dealing with the 6-9 month scenerio, I sat down and thought about everything very rationally.  What was I going to do?  As I saw it, my options were:

  • Go insane because I couldn’t handle it all
  • Step back and away from the things that really didn’t matter
  • Keep up with everything (all of his appointments, etc.) and forget about myself and my business.  Put myself last.

And, I had no family members available to help (the disadvantage of being retired military).

The answer that I came up with and that allowed me to have some balance in my life was to do what I could when I could and not worry about all of the details.  You may think that this sounds odd coming from the mouth of a Professional Organizer.  But this was my best option.  Why?  Because I still needed to be positive and motivated to help him get through the known and unknown of a major accident.

This also was my reality of who my true friends were (and who they were not!)  Even my church family of 15 years was of little help.

I made up my mind that I didn’t care what people thought about any of it…this was my life, my marriage and my responsibility.  I stepped up to the plate.

Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

It is time to stop kidding ourselves and realize that there are options when it comes to the concept to get motivated and organized.  Succeed or fail!  To me, failure is Not an option.  Even if the outcome is bleak and we know that the result will not be positive, you are in charge of how and what you think every day.   It is important to enjoy every moment through a positive attitude and motivation.

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Step Up to the Plate
Step up and take action

Something that I wish I had done when my husband was hurt and I recommend this to you:

  • Enlist help from a friend or neighbor
  • Hire someone to help you through the situation
  • Ask your family to help out where they can

Whatever you are going through…you are not alone!

Have a Goal and Purpose

The most important part of getting motivated and organized is to have a definite goal in mind that includes:

  • Your timeline
  • The end result
  • How you will celebrate at the end!

Anything worth doing is worth celebrating!  What will you be celebrating in February?  Are your goals set and are you motivated to see them through to the end?


Linda Clevenger, Organization Direct