Does Your Space Make You Feel Toxic?

When you step into your office or home do you just want to turn around and walk out again?  Do you get a sick feeling just looking at your space and wondering where to begin?  You aren’t alone! 

More and more, I am working with clients who are experiencing the stress and chaos as homeowners and business owners who really are stretched for time and energy to continue their daily routines and find the hours necessary to get themselves organized.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day and there isn’t enough energy left in their bodies to deal with what needs to be done.  So what is the answer?

The answer is to think about allowing someone to help.  We have to reach deep inside ourselves and realize that we are not always in control of what happens to us.  Life is going to happen, unexpected events will occur that will change our plans (without our permission) and we have to be ready to face them head on.  

When we are organized these events aren’t as devastating to our daily schedule.  We are able to be more flexible and handle situations as they arise.  The problem is that our list of things to accomplish is too long to get it done quickly and, in turn, nothing gets done because it just seems like too big of a job.

I was giving a presentation last weekend and a previous client was present.  She said something that meant a lot to me and explained to everyone in the room how to get themselves started with the organizing process.  Speaking as a client, she made a lot of sense.  She mentioned that it was extremely helpful to her to have someone just get her started in the organizing process.  We took 4 file drawers and eliminated paperwork and files to make it manageable for her.  We were able to eliminate two drawers of files and filing and 2 years later, she still only has 2 drawers of filing and is extremely happy.  This was enough for her to get started and make some other progress on her own.  Sometimes it is just having help to get you past the toxic feeling that you are having and you can take the next steps to complete the project. 

The toxic feeling of having paperwork piled high and deep and not being able to walk into a room or use your desk can cause more than just the feeling of chaos and overwhelm.  The stress of this feeling can cause health issues that will add even more toxicity to your life.  It carries the snowball effect and what you have to realize is that nothing will happen until something happens.  If your toxic space gets to the point that it affects your health, nothing can happen.  You must be physically able to handle your clutter.

The one thing that I stress to my clients is that you can’t make more space in your home or office.  You can purchase every organizing gadget available but ultimately, you only have so much space to work available and unless you add on a room to your home, you will, eventually, have to make decisions to eliminate items. 

Start somewhere, anywhere, and make an effort to eliminate your toxic space.  Breathe clearly and enjoy your space.

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