Are You Motivated to Organize?

I have a true story to tell you.  Let me make you aware that I did receive permission to share this story from a client.

I was hired to work on several areas of a clients home.  The Contract stated that we would work in the following areas as a priority:

1.  Children’s Room

2.  Kitchen

3.  Master Bedroom Closets

We allocated 4 hours to get 2 children’s rooms organized.  This included donations, the tossing of items not needed and finding a home for everything else which still allowed room to grow.  The entire organizing, 2 bedroom and 3 children, took only 3 hours.  WOW!  The kids are all set.

While working on the children’s rooms with the mother of the household, the father – who just happened to be off of work that day – got motivated to begin on the kitchen organization.  He pulled out the “junk drawer” and went through it completely, pulled out the paperwork drawer and got all of that organized too.  When I left (after 3 hours of working on the children’s rooms), he was just about completed with his kitchen organization.  We were singing his praises.

Then, a few weeks later, the mother of the home sent me an email.  “You won’t believe it!”  I want to schedule you to help me organize my closet because my husband has totally organized his closet!  He took bags of clothes to a local consignment and received $53 on the spot, donated some of his 53 pair of shoes, pulled out everything that he didn’t want or need anymore and donated them all.  It is totally organized.  I want mine to look like that too but I need help!

So, I arrived at 11:00 and in less than 2 hours we went through her entire closet.  She donated 14 bags of tops, shoes, pants, dresses, purses and miscellaneous items that she didn’t need anymore.  She also tossed out 3 bags of “trash” that was tucked away behind other things. 

I drove off with a car load full of donations, she has a closet that she can now throw a party in, if she wanted to!  She is another happy client!  

So you think that organizing isn’t motivating?  I would tend to disagree.

Need motivation?  Start with help from an Organizing Consultant and just watch how your life can change!

Linda Clevenger